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AVR USB ASP ISP Programmer

Product Code: AVR-111
Availability: In Stock

AVRDUDE  Programmer :

•    USBasp - USB Programmer for Atmel AVR controllers.
    USBasp is a USB in-circuit Programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. It simply consists of an ATMega8
      and a couple
of passive components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver.

Features :

    Flash Burner for AVR Series from ATMEL.
•    Communication – USB.
•    Auto Erase before writing and Auto Verify after writing.
•    Freeware AVR GCC C Compiler.
    ISP Programming FRC Socket.
    Connects through AVR DUDE.

Device Support :

AT90S1200,2313,2323,2343,4414,4433,4434,8515,8535, ATMEGA103,128,1280,1281,16,161,162,163,165,168,169, ATMEGA 2560,2561,32,323,325,3250,329,3290,406,48,64 ATMEGA 640,644,645,6450,649,6490,8,8515,8535,88 ATTINY 11,12,13,15,22,2323,25,26,261,28,44,45,461,84,85,86 AT90CAN128,32,64 - AT90PWM2,3

Package Contents :

•    AVR Programmer Board.
•    USB Port Cable.
•    Software CD (Hex Downloader, Data sheets, Example Programs, Manual, AVR Studio).

AVR DUDE Links :

    Video for How to install USBasp drivers on Windows 7



•    Link For How to install USBasp drivers on Windows 8

Downloads :

AVR DUDE Software

How to install drivers :

This procedure applicable for all windows  

How to load hex file using sinapro:



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