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Product Code: WRL-128
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Description :

                   Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity .Li-Fi technology provides transmission of data through illumination by sending  data  through  LED  that  varies  in  intensity  faster  than  the  human  eye  can  follow.This  product  focus  on developing  a  Li-Fi  based  system  and  analyze  its  performance  with  respect  to  existing  technology. The  heart  of this technology is a new generation  of high brightness  LEDs. The  product consisting of  a  transmitter  which  includes  a  light  source  and  the  receiver  circuit  which  receives  the  data  transmitted  via light waves. The same system can be employed in industries making industrial automation using the existing light source a reality. A biomedical sensor is also introduced herewith which helps in diagnosis of a patient’s medical conditions and is quickly made available to all the emergency points through light.




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