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PAM8403 5V 2-Channel USB Power Audio Amplifier Board 3W*2 Volume

Product Code: AUD-115
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      PAM8403 is a small digital amplifier chip, the high-definition sound quality highlights the advantages of digital chips. The   PAM8403 sound amplifier board is a module widely used by hobbyists and professionals who need an amplifier equipment that converts the audio signal from their devices to be played alongside 3W headphones or speakers in both the sides.

         To further increase project efficiency, the   3W + 3W sound amplifier board has an input for receiving audio composed of three connections in which one is the negative connection and the other two are the sound connections that provide the stereo effect.
        Much used in conjunction with small speakers used in headphones and in speakers of a slightly larger size, the   PAM8403 3W + 3W sound amplifier board satisfies every need within these requirements, with a plug for turn off the module and increase the volume, so as to adjust according to the user's need.
         Along with a variation of energy, the sound amplifier board  3W + 3W also shows a variation in its operation, supporting an electrical voltage of operation of 2.5V up to 5V, ie if you want to use the maximum power of your equipment as recommended is a voltage close to 5V.
         Easy to install and with satisfactory work the   3W + 3W sound amplifier board  PAM8403 is an excellent product for the most diverse purposes, aiding in any and all desired audio project.


Sound Amplifier Board PAM8403
Mini sound amplifier
Power of 3W + 3W 
Compatible with smartphones, tablets, mp3, among others 
Potentiometer for volume adjustment
Stereo , Two exits, Compact
Minimum Performance: 3W * 2
IC: PAM8403
Power supply: 2.5-5VDC
Recommended power supply: 5V
Maximum output power: 3W + 3W
Dimensions (CxLxE): 28x20x13mm


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