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PIC Kit 2 Standalone

Product Code: PRG-207
Availability: In Stock

PIC KIT 2 Stand alone Programmer

Introduction :

                         The PIC kit 2 Programmer-To-Go functionality allows a PIC MCU memory image to be downloaded into the PIC kit 2 unit for later programming into a specific PIC MCU. No software or PC is required to program devices once the PIC kit 2 unit is set up for Programming-To-Go. A USB power source for the PIC kit 2 is all that is needed.

    USB Power for PIC kit 2 Programmer-To-Go.
    Supported PIC MCU Devices.
    Memory Image Size Limitations.
•    Pickit2 Programmer-To-Go Wizard Walkthrough.
•    LED Status Codes.

This PiCKIT2 can Be used as a Programmer and Debugger also / Very useful for Manufacturers for Bulk Programming.

Package Contents :

    PICKIT2 Programmer/ Debugger.
•    USB Cable.
    CD contains Software’s.


How to use MPLAB IDE Software :

How to Uploading Hex File Using Pickit2 :



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Standalone Programmer User's Guide516.29KB Download