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         Pinguino is an Arduino-like electronics prototyping platform. It supports different 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers, all with built-in USB module (no FTDI chip !).

        Pinguino comes with a USB Bootloader. This small program running inside the microcontroller is responsible for transferring your application from your PC to the microcontroller memory and handing over the control to this program afterwards.

          No programmer is needed, the microcontroller can be reprogrammed over USB with a PC.

   Pinguino is an Open Source and Open Hardware project.
   Pinguino is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
   Pinguino is compatible both with 8-bit (PIC18F with built-in USB module only) and 32-bit (PIC32MX) ©Microchip      Microcontrollers.
   Pinguino uses free and open source compilers (SDCC and gcc-mips-elf, a targeted version of gcc for PIC32      microcontrollers) available for GNU/Linux,                Windows and Mac OS X.
   Pinguino is an Arduino-Like project. It means Pinguino is almost 100% compatible with Arduino Language and Libraries.

In this Hardware we are using PIC 18f4550.

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