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Power Line Communcation Modem

Product Code: WRC-KQ 330
Availability: In Stock

Powerline Communcation Modem (PLC) - MODEL NO - KQ330

                     Power line modem is useful to send and receive serial data over existing AC mains power lines of the building. It has high immunity to electrical noise persistence in the power line and built in error checking so it never gives out corrupt data. The modem is in form of a ready to use circuit module, which is capable of providing 9600 baud rate low rate bi-directional data communication. Due to its small size it can be integrated into and become part of the user’s power line data communication system.


•    Transmit and Receive serial data at 9600 bps
•    Powered from 5V / 12V
•    Built in Error Checking
•    Direct interface with microcontroller uart TXD,RXD pins

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Power Line Communication Datasheet347.92KB Download