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RF Tx Rx with 8 Bit Encoder &Decoder

Product Code: WRL-103
Availability: In Stock

Description :

                The TX is an ASK transmitter module.The TX is designed specifically for remote-control , wireless mouse and car alarm system operating at 315/433.92 MHz.  The RX is designed specifically for remote-control and wireless security receiver operating at 315/434Mhz.

•    Radio Frequency signals can travel longer distances than Infrared.
•    Only line of sight communication is possible through Infrared while radio frequency signals can be transmitted even when there is obstacles.
    Infrared signals will get interfeared by other IR sources but signals on one frequency band in RF will not interfeared by other frequency RF signals.



•    Input Power supply - 5 Volts
•    Compatible for Both RF 433/ 315 Mhz
•    Renesas controller Based
•    Ready to Interface upto 8 Bit Data
•    UART TTL o/p - Baud Rate -4800
•    Package Includes with RF Tx Rx


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