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Graphic Display TM12864

Product Code: DIS-115
Availability: In Stock

Description :

           The TM12864H6CCOWA is a Graphics LCD unit consisting of 128 (segment) x 64 (common) dots dot-matrix panel, It has a single-chip dot matrix LCD driver (NT75451) that can be connected directly to a microprocessor/microcontroller bus. It has an 18 pin (9x2) berg (2.54mm) connector option making it easy for external connection. The datasheet and sample source code can be downloaded from the download page of the product.

    MODEL: TM12864H6CCOWA from TIANMA Microelectronics
    LCD DRIVER: NT75451
    LCD Type: FSTN Positive
    Operating Voltage: +3V (Can be used with 5v also)
    Oprating Temperature: -20 to 70 deg
    Back Light Type: Transflective LED
    Back Light Color: White
    Back Light Drive Current: 15 mA
    Back Light Drive Forward Voltage: 2.9 to 3.3 V
    Data Interface: PARALLEL
    Drive Method: 1/65 Duty, 1/9 Bias
    Dimensions: 74 x 41.70 mm


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GLCD TM128641.05MB Download