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Vibration Sensor

Product Code: SEN-263
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Vibration Sensor

Product Description

                   This sensor buffers a piezoelectric transducer. As the transducer is displaced from the mechanical neutral axis, bending creates strain within the piezoelectric element and generates voltages.


            The Vibration Sensor Detector is designed for the security practice When Vibration Sensor Alarm recognizes movement or vibration, it sends a signal to either control panel Developed a new type of omni-directional high sensitivity Security Vibration Detector with omni-directional detection

•    Sensitivity: Height adjustable
    Consistency and Interchangeability: Good
•    Reliability and Interference: Accurate triggering strong anti-interference
    Automatic Reset: Automatic reset is strong
•    Signal Post-processing: Simple
    Output Signal: Switch signal
    No External Vibration Analysis of Plates: Product design vibration analysis of the internal amplifier circuit
•    Detection Direction: Omni-directional
•    Signal Output: Switch signals
•    Output Pulse Width: The vibration signal amplitude is proportional to
    Operating Voltage: 12VDC (red V + shield V-)
    Sensitivity: Greater than or equal 0.2g
•    Frequency Range: 0.5HZ ~ 20HZ
    Operating Temperature Range: -10  ~ 50

Connections details - How to test Vibration sensor ?

 Wiring colour

    RED - + 5 - 12 volts
    OUTPUT - connect common Red - Blue Output

To test Led - Connect Anode to Red Cathode to Blue - while vibration led Goes On and off for 1 sec






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