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Product Code: WRL-118
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HLK-RM04 Embedded UART-ETH-WIFI Router Development Kit w/Antenna


•        Serial to WIFI, Ethernet, Ethernet to Wifi multifunction Wifi module, transparent dual-way data transmission
•        Integrated 10/100M ethernet port, Max.baud ratio up to 230.4kbps
•        Adopts Ralink program, high quality material
       Reliable system core suit safety and long-run system application
•        Size: 40*29mm
•        Working temperature: industrial class -25~75°C
•        Built-in 360M MIPS CUP, 16M RAM, 4M FLASH, wireless base band, RF front-end and multi peripheral bus
        Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, transparent protocol data transmission mode
•        Support WIFI encryption and algorithm, WEP/WAP-PSK/WAP2-PSK/WAPIï¼
          encryption type WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/AES
       Offer AT+instruction set, offer friendly web configuration page
        Built-in antenna or external antenna
•        Support AP and Station mode, AP support iphone and android connect with WIFI, support AT,
          Station online simultaneously
•        TCP server/TCP Client/UDP work mode, support network protocol: TCP/UDP/ARP/
•        Support DHCP auto gain IP, support IP distribution at AP Mode
        Serial speed ratio adjustable up to 320400


Simple Steps How to test Using Android Phone 

+ Connect  power supply to wifi HLK RM 04 ( Note  Only 5 volts  1 amps )

+ Once its is linked with Wifi Router

+ Search in Android  Settings  WIFI   If HLK  is found

+ Connect Using password  - 12345678  default  pASSWORD

+ Once it is connect Open Th browser with  default  IP address

+ login  User name  -  admin  ||  Password - admin 

+ Once you loged Into IP address You can Change all settings  ( Baudrate ,IP address ......)

How to Check Data communication using Android Apps 

+ To check Data Communication  Install Free APPS from Playstore  -  TCP Client

+ Open TCP client Enter IP address -   PORT - 8080  

+ Connect to serial port  with same Baud rate  Both side  - send data from phone  you can see in terminal window .......





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HLK RM 04 Manual299.29KB Download
HLK RM 04 Config Software162.35KB Download