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8051 - USB Programmer With Enclosure

Product Code: PRG-102
Availability: In Stock

                    This is programmer for 89 series microcontrollers like 89C51,C52,S51,S52 ,C2051,C4051 and such series from Atmel. Board also supports various 8 pin serial EEPROM ICs. ZIF socket enables easy insertion and removal of devices for programming. Programming is very fast and reliable since it is USB based. No external power required since it is powered from USB port itself.

Features :

    Supports 89C51,C52,S51,S52 ,C2051,C4051 series & serial EEPROM devices.
    Powered from USB port(No external power required).
    High speed writing (8kb flash file in 10 seconds).
•    Auto Identify connected programmer.
•    Error checking and verification in-built.
    Lock of programs in chip supported to prevent program copying.
    40 pin ZIF socket for easy insertion & removal.
    Auto Erase/Lock/Verify.
    Informative window and access to latest programmed file.
    Simple and Easy to use.

Tips for 8051 Programmer :

•    Connect the 8051 Programmer.
    Windows Popup appear New Hardware found , Install the drivers Given in CD.
    After Installation, check the Driver is installed properly.
    By go to My Computer -> Properties ->  Hardware -> Device manager -> Ports
      -> silicon labsCP210X USB to uart Bridge - COM Number.
    And Change the COM port Number Below 5.
    To change the com port no ports -> cp2102 silicon labs -> properties -> port settings -> Advanced
      -> Port no ( 1- 8)
    Willer programmer Software is EXE file , Just Copy and paste to C:/ better Desktop.
    Execute the Willer Software - Once the software is executed this will detect com port automaticaly if it is
      below Port no 5.
    If it is Online Mode select the chip number, then the hex file Click on AUTO to Burn Hex files

Video How to Use Programmer :


Package Includes :

  8051 Programmer.
  USB cable.

How to use WILPRO Software :


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Willer Software1.26MB Download
CP2102 USB Drivers6.92MB Download