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89C2051 Demo Board with ULN2803 Interface

Product Code: BRK-201
Availability: In Stock

89C2051 Demo Board with ULN2803 Interface

   A general purpose 20 pin 89C2051 development board with on board power supply circuit, reset switch, power status LED and on board ULN2803 driver to drive the stepper motor, relays etc.


Features :

•    On board ULN2803 driver to drive the stepper motor.
•    DC plug-in jack for power input(12V AC/DC).
•    Onboard bridge rectifier enables the board to accept both AC and DC input voltages.
•    Onboard 5V regulator(LM7805) with filtering capacitors.
•    Power Status LED(Red).
•    Onboard quartz crystal 11.0592 Mhz oscillator circuit.
•    Port extensions for all ports.


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