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PIC PLC Board 4 input 4 output- P16F628A

Product Code: PICPLC-104
Availability: In Stock

Introduction :

PIC-IO board was designed as simple platform which to allow control of appliances and Industrial Automation with PIC, the idea was to build something like tiny PLC controller which is possible to program in C or assembler instead of the weird PLC relay language ,  If you need use Ladder Logic You can use This Software LD Micro  Or  FLOW CODE.


Features :

   ICSP connector for programming with and debugging with PICkit2
   Power plug-in jack for +12VDC power supply.
   Voltage regulator +5V, 78L05 and filtering capacitors.
   status LED connected to RB5.
   Quartz crystall oscilator circuit 20Mhz.
   DIL18 microcontroller socket.
   RS232 DB9 female connector.
   RS232 interface circuit with Tx, Rx signals.
   4 optocoupler isolated inputs with screw terminals.
   input status LEDs.
   4 relay outputs with 10A/250VAC contacts with screw terminals.
   output status LEDs.
   Dimensions 100x80 mm (3,9x3,15").
   VCC 5 AND 12V BUS.




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