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Product Code: RFID-105
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        MIFARE Series Proximity OEM RFID Read/Write Module has an integrated/external antenna in minimized form factor. It is designed to work on the industry-standard carrier frequency of 13.56MHz. This feature packed module is best suited for Access Control, Time and Attendance, Handheld smart reader and other RFID enabled applications. An integrated antenna in minimized form factor in the module facilitates communication between the MIFARE Read/Write module and the Read/Write transponders. To achieve better Read/Write functionality this module is provided with a pin out for the optional external antenna. The Read/Write module identifies 13.56 MHz range Read/Write ICODESLI type transponders (Tags) in a contact-less mode via Radio Frequency (RF).

        MIFARE Read/Write module communicates with the host system via the wired interface in a protocol of available choice that is selected from the module pinout to transmit the data received from the transponder. The baseband processor decodes the data received from the front end before transmitting it to the host system.

      MIFARE Read/Write module is completely sealed modules in minimized dimensions. The electronics are placed inside a plastic housing that is sealed with a potting agent for mechanical and electrical stability.


•    Selectable UART
    LED/Beeper indicates Tag reading operation
    Excellent read performance without an external circuit
•    Compact size and cost-effective
•    An efficient module for portable readers
    Secure— Encrypted contact less communication
    Ideal for e-money, Secure Access and Fast Data Collection

It’s having RS-232 serial communication which helps to communicate with any PC,laptop or Microcontrollers. 

Download the software given below to read the tag ID’s in serial communication with out any coding.




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