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Nuoton SDK Kit Programmer/ Debugger

Product Code: ARM-023
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Overview :

          NuTiny-SDK-M051 is the specific development tool for NuMicro M051™ series –M052/M054/M058/M0516. Users can use NuTiny-SDK-M051 to develop and verify the application program easily. NuTiny-SDK-M051 includes 2 portions. One is M052_Tiny-EVB and the other is Nu-Link-Me. M052_Tiny-EVB is evaluation board and Nu-Link-Me is its Debug Adaptor. Thus, users do not need additional ICE equipment.

NuTiny-SDK-M051 :

         NuTiny-SDK-M051 can support NuMicro M051™ series. Figure 2-1 is NuTiny-SDK-M051 for M051 series and the left portion is called M052-TINY-EVB and the right portion is Debug Adaptor called Nu-Link-Me. M052-TINY-EVB is similar to other development board. Users can use it to develop and verify applications to emulate the real behavior. In fact, the real chip M0516LAN is mounted on the board. The on board chip covers M052, M054 and M058’s features. The M052_Tiny-EVB can be a real system controller to design user target system. Nu-Link-Me is a Debug Adaptor.

        The Nu-Link-Me Debug Adaptor connects your PC's USB port to your target system (via Serial Wired Debug Port) and allows you to program and debug embedded programs on the target hardware. To use Nu-Link-Me Debug adaptor with Keil or IAR Please refer to “Nuvoton NuMicro™ IAR ICE driver user manual “ or Nuvoton NuMicro™ Keil ICE driver user manual” in detail.


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