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Touch switch- 4k/Sq

Product Code: INT-344
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General Description

           The BS804B are a range of 1 to 8 key touch key devices which can detect human body contact using external touch pads. The high level of device integration enable applications to be implemented with a minimum number of external components.The BS804B and BS808B are equipped with a One-lineserial interface to allow easy communication with an external MCU for device setup and for touch pin monitoring purposes. Special internal circuitry is also employed to ensure excellent power noise rejection to reduce the possibility of false detections, increasing the touch switch application reliability under adverse environmental conditions.With auto-calibration, low operating current and a low power one-key operating state, this range of touch key devices provides a simple and effective means of implementing touch switches in a wide variety of applications.

Touchkey switch has four capacitive pads powered by BS804B, a touchpad detector IC. Capacitive buttons like these can be toggled even when placed under a layer of glass or paper. The board outputs an interrupt signals for each pad: S1,S2,S3 and S4( OUT1,OUT2,OUT3 and OUT 4 respectively). Single-key or multi-key, direct or toggle buttons, and so on.Serial bus pin used to communicate with an external MCU. The external MCU can read the BS804B or BS808B touch key status and also send commands to the device via this pin. 

Features &Specification:

   At present we have developed only 4 key Touch with Digital Output,Using BS804B touch chip design. Single-point touch.
   The output pin VCC, GND, OUT. VCC positive power supply, GND power supply is negative, OUT PUTS ( S1,S2,S3,S4)  are the output signals. 
    The working voltage 2.0-5.5V, Output 5 v TTL Logic
Easy installation
   Small PCB board size: 4.3cm x 4.3 cm




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