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5 ADC & 1 PWM Interface Board

Product Code: INT-329
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This Board will eliminate control signals and even microcontroller and its very easy to use to convert any Analog to Digital output , with standard control inputs , its based on pic 16f72 ,This board is having 5 ADC channels , 1 PWM output , Using PWM its very easy to control speed of DC motor.

There are 3 Modes in this board

•   Analog to Digital Conversion.
•   Analog to PWM output.
•   Digital to PWM Output

How to use

    Power ON with +5V & GND.

Analog Input - Digital Output

    Select the control bits for the respective analog channel required as in the table.
•    Get 8-bit digital output from B0-B7 pins.

For example

    I had given 5-analog inputs. Now I have get the output of A3 channel.
    Select control bits as C5=0, C6=1, C7=1.
    So Analog Data given to A3 channel is converted to Digital output (B0-B7)

Analog Input - PWM Output

    Select control bits as C5=1, C6=0, C7=1.
    Give the analog inputs AN0 pin.
    Get output from PWM output pin.

Digital Input - PWM Output

•    Select control bits as C5=1, C6=1, C7=0.
    Give the 8-bit digital inputs to B0-B7 pins
    Get output from PWM output pin.

For more details refer manual  

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