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TM1638 Chip Key Display Module 8 Bits Digital LED Tube For AVR Arduino

Product Code: ARD-007
Availability: In Stock



•  With 8 keys, 8 LED, 8-bit digital tubes common cathode;
  Can directly connect with singlechip such as STC;
• Provide Ardiuno driving program;
• Adopt TM1638 chip, has the common peripheral circuit in the mentioned 3 singlechips. Its most remarkable feature is it only needs 3 IO of the single chip to drive, scan display and key scan do not      need singlechip but register to transmit data or test keys, meantime saving MCU source. Provide sample program once buy this module.
•  Wire Connecting Method: Connect VCC, GND to 5V power, connect  STB ,CLK ,DIO to singlechip IO port.



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