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GSM Based Security System V2.0

Product Code: NSK-103
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GSM Based Security System V2.0

GSM Based Home Security System adopts voice dais of GSM network to send control command and receive alarm distantly. When a signal is perceived by detectors, the detectors will send an alarm signal to system right away. The system then sends alarm to its pre-set mobile phone numbers, and temporarily dials the pre-set telephone/mobile phone numbers spontaneously.


    GSM Based Home Security System is used to watch the area as well as the property using
      GSM cellular technology.
•    The main objective of GSM Based Home Security is to alert the owner by the phone or cell

•    In This System we are
providing DOOR Switch Magnetic latch based.
    When the Door Opens this will give signal to Automation Then GSM Modem Dail to
     10 Mobile Number stored in the memory one by one.




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