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8 Channel AC SSR Board

Product Code: AC SSR
Availability: In Stock

AC Solid State Relay

           The Solid State Relay provides a high degree of reliability, long life and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), (no arcing contacts or magnetic fields), together with a much faster almost instant response time, as compared to the conventional electromechanical relay.

              Also the input control power requirements of the solid state relay are generally low enough to make them compatible with most IC logic families without the need for additional buffers, drivers or amplifiers. However, being a semiconductor device they must be mounted onto suitable heatsinks to prevent the output switching semiconductor device from over heating.


•    This AC SSR board is used to fire 8 channels of any AC current source for 230vAC / 2 amps
    Off an ON Timing can be varied using Pots
    Can Be fired 0.1 sec to 30 min


•   Used in Ceramic companys Like Jhonsan Mathew , 20 Microns To control 8 solonoids continuesly
     one by one.

     Note - Used for Industrial Automation / sofware can be Altered as per Your specification also.




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