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AVR Mini Development Board

Product Code: AVR-112
Availability: In Stock

Introduction :

  A general purpose 40 pin avr development board with on board power supply circuit, RS232 port for serial interface with computer and other serial devices, reset switch, power status LED and a general purpose switch and LED.The bridge rectifier allows this board to be powered with both AC and DC power supply adapters.

Features :

   AVR 40 pin Mini Development Board for Atmel AVR series.
   ISP Socket for Flashing thru AVR Dude and AVR Prog.
   On board Regulated Power Supply 5v, 12v supply’s.
   An RS232 Serial Port.
   Power plug-in jack(power supply AC/DC 12V).
   Ready Interface pins for LCD display 2linex16Character.
   RTC DS1307.
   2 LED array.
   3 Interrupt Switchers.
   Extension slot on every uC pin.
   ULN2003 To Drive Motor and Relays.
   Example Programs for LED, 7seg, LCD, RS232, Matrix.





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AVR Development Board Cd Contents214.71KB Download
40 pin led example13.42KB Download