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SIM800A Modem With TTL

Product Code: GSM-014
Availability: In Stock

Description :

                GSM/GPRS TTL UART Modem is built with Dual Band GSM/GPRS engine- SIM800A, works on frequencies 900/ 1800 MHz The level The baud rate is configurable from 9600-115200 through AT command. The GSM/GPRS Modem is having internal TCP/IP stack to enable you to connect with internet via GPRS. It is suitable for SMS, Voice as well as DATA transfer application in M2M interface.

GSM/GPRS Modem Features :

    High Quality Product.
    Dual-Band GSM/GPRS 900/ 1800 MHz.
    Configurable baud rate.
    SIM Card holder.
    Built in Network Status LED.
    Inbuilt Powerful TCP/IP protocol stack for internet data transfer over GPRS.
    Audio interface Connector.
    Normal operation temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C.
    Input Voltage: 3.6- 4.5 VDC.


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Sim 900 AT Commands1.2MB Download
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