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Product Code: WRC-019
Availability: In Stock

Pinout :

•    VCC - +5V Regulated Supply
•    GND - Common Ground for RS232 and Power, DB9 Pin#5
•    TX - RS232 level Transmit Output, Connects to DB9 Pin#2
•    RX - RS232 level Receive Input, Connects to DB9 Pin#3
•    Video - Analog Video output for monitor. Optional.

Specification :

•    Module size: 32mm x 32mm
•    Image sensor: CMOS 1/4 inch
•    CMOS Pixels: 30M
•    Pixel size: 5.6um*5.6um
•    Output format: Standard JPEG
•    White balance: Automatic
•    Exposure: Automatic
•    Gain: Automatic
•    Shutter: Electronic rolling shutter
•    SNR: 45DB
•    Dynamic Range: 60DB
•    Max analog gain: 16DB
•    Frame speed: 640*480 30fps
•    Scan mode: Progressive scan
•    Viewing angle: 60 degrees
•    Monitoring distance: 10 meters, maximum 15meters (adjustable)
•    Image size: VGA(640*480), QVGA(320*240), QQVGA(160*120)
•    Baud rate: Default 38400
•    Current draw: 75mA
•    Operating voltage: DC +5V
•    Communication: RS232 (Three wire TX, RX, GND) on 2.0mm pitch connector

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