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Current Sensor - ACS712 -5 AMPS

Product Code: SEN-229
Availability: In Stock

ACS 712 Current Sensor

ACS712 current sensor operates from 5V and outputs analog voltage proportional to current measured on the sensing terminals. You can simple use a microcontroller ADC to read the values.Sensing terminal can even measure current for loads operating at high voltages like 230V AC mains while output sensed voltage is isolated from measuring part.

•    The current sensor chips: ACS712ELC-5A
•    The module can measure the positive and negative 30 amps, corresponding to the analog output 66mV / A
•    Pin 5V power supply, on-board power indicator
•    Using gold plated circuit boards
•    No test current through the output voltage is VCC / 2
•    Size: 31 x 13mm


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