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DC-DC Boost 5v 600ma Output Convertor Module

Product Code: PSSM-516
Availability: In Stock


DC-DC Step-Up Module - (0.9V~5V) to 5V 600MA USB (Portable Charger).Our another great Step-up Module, input from 0.9-5V, output 5V for many digital devices, so this is really a great module for designing a portable charger.

•    With input any DC voltage of 0.9V ~ 5V, it can output 5V DC voltage stably,  with two AA batteries it can output current of 500 ~ 600MA, a single AA battery power supply can output 200ma current supply, great for mobile phones camera, single-chip, digital products supply.
•    with USB female connector, versatile function
•    high conversion efficiency, up to 96%
•    ultra-small size, installed in a variety of small equipment
•    with working status lights

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