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Magnetic Door Locks 12V

Product Code: SEN-281
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Magnetic Door Locks

          Door locks are certainly considered to be the basic modes of the everyday household door and keeping this fact in mind, door locks hold an immense importance for the protection of doors. Since door locks are meant for the security of the doors and people now prefer high end door locks thus, devices like the magnetic door lock came into creation. These locks are often also known as electromagnetic door locks too.

         While the magnetic door lock might be quite a simplistic locking device, but the efficiency of the locking gadget can certainly not be denied. It was in 1989 that the magnetic door lock was invented and even though in comparison with the modern magnetic door locks it would not match up, yet for its time this device proved to be ideal for door locking and still does. The earlier magnetic lock was known as the “shear locks”, but the magnetic door locks which are manufactured in present day are based on different principles and mechanisms, known basically as the “direct pull”. Basically these magnetic door locks obviously work on the principles of electromagnetism, and mostly all of these locks work with electricity, requiring DC current essentially.


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