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Serial JPEG Camera

Product Code: WRC-011
Availability: In Stock

Serial JPEG Camera :

• 5V Power Supply
• Communication Interface/Protocol: RS232
• Support Capture JPEG from Serial Port
• VGA/QVGA/160 x 120 Resolution

            The 0.3M Pixel Serial JPEG Camera has a compact size, low power consumption, and stable operation. 5.0V DC Supply. UART: Up to 115200bps for transferring JPEG images. The camera uses the advanced Omni Vision OV7725 VGA color sensor JPEG CODEC for different resolutions. The camera also features down sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for VGA, QVGA, and no need for external DRAM. The use of the Omni Vision CMOS VGA color sensor makes this a low powered consumption unit.

Applications :

Embedded systems for imaging acquisition and control
Security and Control systems
Remote or Public Monitoring
Retrieved/object detection and recognition
Robot/Industrial control, vehicle and medical systems



Downloads :

-  Testing Sofware / Datasheet  -





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