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Universal Timer - Analog Type

Product Code: TIMER-002
Availability: In Stock

Analog Timer Description

    Everywhere Needs timing Application ( For Any Automation).
    Timer includes Delay Types OFF Delay - ON DELAY - ON OFF Cyclic, - OFF ON Cyclic.
    Timing Range from 1sec to 1hour.
    Time Adjustable using POT.
    Easy to Adjust Using 4 way DIP switch to set Timing and delay selection.
    Output Relay Contacts Connected to Terminal Block 10AVoltage - 230 AC/50HzLoad - 250VAC / 5Amps .


    To ON and OFF the Motors.
    For Cyclic On OFF Air coolers.
    Industrial automation.

Follow the tabular column to set time and delay which is given on board



Example  How to Connect Load  to Relay



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