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GSM Based Security System V2.0

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GSM Based Security System V2.0

GSM Based Home Security System  of GSM network to send control command and receive alarm distantly. When a signal is perceived by detectors, the detectors will send an alarm signal to system right away. The system then sends alarm to its pre-set mobile phone numbers, and temporarily dials the pre-set telephone/mobile phone numbers spontaneously.



    GSM Based Home Security System is used to watch the area as well as the property using  GSM cellular technology.
•    The main objective of GSM Based Home Security is to alert the owner by  SMS and Phone calling 

•    In This System we are
providing DOOR Switch Magnetic latch based.
    When the Door Opens this will give signal to Automation Then GSM Modem Dail to 5 Mobile Number stored in the memory one by one.


Demo Video for Security system V3.0








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