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Hall Effect sensor-Unipolar

Product Code: SEN-222
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        Hall Effect Sensors are sometimes referred to as “switches” rather than sensors because of the on-off “digital” voltage signal they produce. Unlike magnetic sensors that produce an alternating current (AC) signal which varies in voltage with speed, Hall Effec - tSensors produce a constant voltage signal that can change abruptly from maximum voltage to nearly zero and back again regardless of engine speed. This produces a square wave output signal that can be easily used by the onboard computer for timing purposes.


How does it works?


A Hall IC switch is OFF with no magnetic field and ON in the presence of a magnetic field, as seen in above diagram.

1. The Earth's field will not operate a Hall IC Switch, but a common refrigerator magnet will provide sufficient strength
to actuate the sensor.

In Hall Effect Sensor There are Three Types

    BIPOLAR - WSH 130
    LINEAR - WSH 49E



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