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Modbus RTU 8I8O

Product Code: NSKRTUV1
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Introduction :

 Modbus is an open, widespread and well- established serial communication protocol used within building automation. The module has 8 digital inputs 8 digital outputs . All inputs and outputs are isolated from the logic system by optocouplers with 4 Analog Inputs This module has 8 1c/o on board relays with contacts taken out for field devices. Each relay has unique coil address which is used to force relay on/off. The coil can be made on/off individually or in combination using modbus commands.  This module has processor that continuously scans the 8 digital key inputs and sends the status of keys to master when read query from master is detected  This module is connected to the RS485 bus with twisted-pair wire. Communication is via MODBUS RTU or MODBUS ASCII.  The module is designed for mounting on a DIN rail in accordance with DIN EN 5002. The module is equipped with a set of LEDs used to indicate the status of inputs and outputs useful for diagnostic purposes and helping to find errors.

Features Of  MODBUS RTU 8I8O V2:

•   Cost Effective Expannsion Module For Existing PLC System
  Input Power supply 12v DC
   8 optocoupler isolated inputs with  screw terminals.
Communication - RS485- Modbus slave
   8 relay outputs with 7A/240VAC contacts with screw terminals.
   Output status LEDs.
   LCD Display Interfaced.
   3 Key Inputs. -    4 Analog  Input Channel.
   RS232 Tx, Rx interface with MAX232 IC and RS-485 Interface.
   Onboard LM2596 based Regulated Power supply - DIN Rail Mount








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