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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser-01

Product Code: SEN-CO19
Availability: In Stock

Description :     

Santising hands is a must to prevent COVID-19. However, dispensing through bottle requires manual operation by hand. Let’s avoid and go touchless with  Auto Sanitisers, that will ensure that you maintain proper hygiene and heath in public spaces. Ideal for Factories, Offices, Hospitals, Malls, Railways, Shops, and Homes.


( NOTE - TSOP Sensor used  works in sunlight also )



Touchless Fully Automatic and Wall Mountable

This Auto Sanitiser is equipped with an in-built infrared smart sensor that senses your hands when you put them below the dispenser and dispenses the liquid sanitizer ,The smart wall-mountable design allows is to be mounted on a wall for convenient usage.


Electrical characteristics :

Product Generic Name Hand Sanitiser
Product Colour White
Mounting Wall-mounting
Electrical Input 230 V AC
Capacity of Sanitiser 1800 ML
Dispensing Qty. Adjustable amount(1-1.5 ml)
Working Voltage 12 V DC-1 A
 Sensing Distance (range required) 50 mm to 100 mm
Sensing Time 200mS typical 
Sensor Type Infrared Sensor

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