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PLC display and transmission parameters display

Product Code: PLCDIS-001
Availability: In Stock

Introduction : PLC DISPLAY


  • Features:
  1. There are two modes in total, one is the main mode and the other is the input parameter mode.When enabled, it enters main mode. In this mode, the top row of digital lamps displays the value D110.
  2. The lower row of digital lamps shows the value D114.The button switch controls the closure and opening of the corresponding intermediate relay (M), and the control light is based on the fact that the intermediate relay (M) is closed and open to control on and off.Press the SET button for 3 seconds to enter parameter mode.
  3. In input parameter mode, you can change the value after the D200 data registry.The above row of digital tube-shaped s (double-row digital tube-shaped) or left two-digit digital tube-shaped (one row of digital board in the shape of a tube) is used to display the data register number to be changed.You can change the shape key (increase) by pressing the triangle key (decrease) when you change the value read in the bottom row of the digital tube-shaped s (double-row digital tube-shaped) or the right 4 digits.A tube (a single-row digital array in the shape of a tube) is displayed, and you can also use a tie, buttoned and down to change the value.
  • Note: When a single-row digital tube-shaped enters input mode, the d0 displayed on the left corresponds to the actual one.Plc D register is D200. D1 displayed on the left and corresponds to plc D registration is D201 and so on.After changing the value, press the SET button for 3 seconds to enter main mode.
  • Technical data:
  • Dimensions: 79x43x27mm/3.11x1.69x1.06 inch
  • Hole Size: 75x40mm/2.95x1.57 inch
  • Coating color: grey
  • The package includes:
  • 1 x display



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