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Colour Sensor with UART data

Product Code: SEN-200a
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TCS230-DB Colour Sensor with UART output


                      TCS230 Colour Sensor Daughterboard is a complete colour detector, including a TAOS TCS230 RGB sensor chip, white LEDs, and standoffs to set the optimum sensing distance. It plugs directly into the BASIC Stamp-2pe Motherboard and will also interface to any BASIC Stamp module or Propeller board using the optional DB-Expander SIP Converter.

The TCS230-DB can detect and measure a nearly limitless range of visible colors. Applications include test strip reading, sorting by color, ambient light sensing and calibration, and color matching, to name just a few.

The output of colour sensor is converted in standard format in UART output as shown in the Image 1 using Microcontroller 



The Output Valuves calibrated using rapid tables  , If u need to test use this website  enter the R G B values U will get exact colour



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