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PIC KIT2 Programmer/Debugger

Product Code: PRG-205
Availability: In Stock

What is PICKIT 2?

          The pic kit 2 is a low-cost in-circuit debugger (ICD) and in-circuit serial programmer (ICSP). Pic kit 2 is intended to be used as an evaluation, debugging and programming aid in a laboratory environment. The Pic kit 2 offers these features: Real-time and    single-step code execution  Breakpoints, Register and Variable  Watch/Modify.

    In-circuit debugging.
    Target VDD monitor.
    Diagnostic LEDs.
•    MPLAB IDE user interface.
    USB interface to a host PC / USB Powered.
    40 Pin Target Board With FRC Cable.
    ICSP FRC connecter Easy to interface to all our NSK boards.

How Pic kit 2 Helps You …….
The Pic kit 2 allows you to

•    Debug your source code in your own application.
•    Debug your hardware in real-time.
    Program a supported device using Microchip’s ICSP protocol through FRC cable supplied with this kit.

Package Content :

•    Pickit2 Programmer.
    Programming Adapter Board.
    USB Port Cable.
    Software CD (Data sheets, Example Programs, Manual , MPLAB IDE).

How to use  PICkit 2 

.Net Framework





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